Mosquito Lake Rec Site

This is a perfect lake for exploring in a small boat or canoe. The irregular edge has several quiet little bays accessible only by water. The lake is popular with families as it offers good fishing and swimming. The Mosquito Lake Recreation Site is well located for a base camp to explore the area and visit some of the other lakes nearby. There are 3 campsites.

Driving Directions:Access from Arrow Park Ferry: At the ferry terminus set your odometer. Your odometer readings will not conform to the km signs on the road. From the ferry terminus travel straight ahead on the “Lower Mosquito Road”. Continue up this road for 6 km. Just after crossing the bridge over Arrow Park (Mosquito) Creek, turn right onto the “Branch 20” road. Follow this road for 3 km. At the junction with the “West Mosquito Road” continue straight ahead. Reset your odometer. Travel north on the “West Mosquito Road” for 11.6 km, to the “27 km” road marker and the junction of the “West Mosquito Road” with the “Caribou Pass Road” and the “Fostall Road”. Reset your odometer. Continue straight ahead on the “Fostall Road” for 8.9 km. Between the “19 km” and “20 km” road markers, at the junction with “Plant Road”, turn left. Travel 800 meters to the recreation site.

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Snowshoe Lake Rec Site

This small fishing lake, tucked into the hills, is a pleasant spot to while away a few hours or days. Although there is not a boat launch, the road goes close enough to the lake that a canoe can easily be put in. There is a choice of grassy or treed campsites.

Driving Directions:Access: From the Needles Rest Area at the ferry terminus, travel west on Highway 6 for 14.4 km.Just before the highway crosses Inonoaklin Creek, turn right onto a 2 wheel drive gravel road. Follow this road through the gravel pit onto a rough dirt road. After crossing a cattle guard at 1.5 km the road forks. Take the right fork, marked with a brown 4×4 post with white lettering, signed “Snowshoe Lake”. Continue along this road for another 3 km to the recreation site. Note: this road is suitable for high clearance 2 wheel drive vehicles in dry weather. Alternate Access: From the Needles Rest Area at the ferry terminus, travel west on Highway 6 for 4.4 km. Turn right onto the “Whatshan Lake Road”. At the junction with the Barnes Creek road, turn left and cross over the Whatshan River. Just past the power station, which is at the “7 km” marker on the “Barnes Creek Forest Service Road”, turn left onto the “Snowshoe Lake Road”, which is marked with a white and red sign, nailed to a tree. Proceed 1.4 km. Turn left onto a road marked “Branch 1”. Proceed 1.5 km to just past a “10 km” yellow and black marker on the right hand side of the road. Turn right onto a narrow, dirt 2 wheel drive road that follows the power lines for 2 km to Snowshoe Lake. Note: the last 1.6 km is very steep, narrow and rutted, suitable for high clearance 2 wheel drive vehicles in dry weather.

(source: rec sites and trails)

Stevens Creek Rec Site ( Whatshan lake )

Whatshan Lake is a boating and popular fishing lake with more to offer than just big fish. In summer the lake warms up to very pleasant swimming temperature. Stevens Creek is very scenic. Whatshan Peak is directly across the lake and the Pinnacles loom in the distance. Large white pine trees shade level campsites. Some of the sites are clustered together, making them perfect for group camping. There is a day use area for picnicking and enjoying the pea gravel and sand beach. Camping Fees will be collected from May to October Annually at a rate of $12.00/night. Boat Launch

Driving Directions: Access from the Needles Ferry: Zero your odometer at the Needles ferry landing on the Edgewood side. At 3.2 KM turn right off the highway on to Whatshan Lake Road. At 4.7 KM turn right on to Whatshan Forest Service Road. At 5.6 KM find a junction, stay on the main line. At 18.5 Proceed Left and stay on the Whatshan FSR. At 26.8 KM proceed left at the junction staying on the Whatshan FSR. At 27 KM pass the Richy Recreation Site on the left. At 28.8 Find Stevens Creek Recreation Site on the left. Directions from Arrow Park Ferry: When leaving the ferry stay left onto: Stevens Road to Needles. At 8.9 Km take the left fork sign: To Needles/ Old Arrow Park . At 11.5 Km take the right fork sign: Whatshan Lake Richy/ Stevens. AT 23.2 Km Stay right onto Branch 1 Stevens. At 24.7 Km hairpin left onto Whatshan Rd. going South. At 26.1 Km Stevens Campground on Right. At 28.3 Km Richy Campground on Right.

Wilson Lake East

Wilson Lake offers good boating. This 4.5 km long lake is deep and narrow. Most of the shoreline is steep and accessible only by boat. The recreation site, on a flat at the east end of the lake offers a large open area, with the campsites around the edge of the clearing, ideal for group gatherings. Trout fishing in the lake and in Fitzstubbs Creek can be rewarding. Miles of forestry roads in the vicinity are popular with bikers and ATV users.

Driving Directions:Access from Rosebery: Turn off Highway 6, at Rosebery, onto the “East Wilson Creek Road”. This road soon turns into the “Wilson Creek Forest Service Road”. Follow this good 2 wheel drive gravel road. At 5 km the road forks, stay left. At 33 km a dirt road crosses the “Wilson Creek Forest Service Road”, continue on the gravel road to the left. “Wilson Lake East Recreation Site” is straight ahead, at 34 km, just before the road crosses a bridge over Fitzstubbs Creek. Access from Nakusp: From the junction of Highway 6 and 23 in Nakusp, travel east on Highway 6 towards New Denver for 6.3 km. Turn left onto the “Wilson Lake Road”. Take this good 2 wheel drive, gravel road up Wensley Creek, past the sawmill. 7 km up the road, turn right onto the “Wilson Lake Forest Service Road”. Follow this rough 2 wheel drive road for 7 km, as it climbs steeply over the rocky bluffs south of Wilson Lake. Several spur roads come onto it from the right. Stay straight ahead at all of these, eventually descending to the shore of Wilson Lake. The recreation site at the end of the lake, is visible across the lake, from the last steep descent.

Wilson Lake West

Wilson Lake offers good fishing and boating. This 4.5 km long lake is deep and narrow. Most of the shoreline is steep and accessible only by boat. The recreation site at the west end reflects the character of the lake. It is a narrow strip at the base of a steep cliff offering little room for over night camping, but it is a pleasant picnic spot. The shoreline drops quickly away. However, a nearby float provides a platform to cast from for the ever elusive trout. There are two campsites.

Driving Directions:From the junction of Highway 6 and 23 in Nakusp, travel east on Highway 6 towards New Denver for 6.3 km. Turn left onto the “Wilson Lake Road”. Take this good 2 wheel drive, gravel road up Wensley Creek, past the sawmill. Stay left at the “Wilson Lake Forest Service Road” junction. Continue straight ahead for another 700 meters to another junction. Take the right fork, down a good 2 wheel drive dirt road, for 400 meters to the Wilson Lake West Recreation Site.

Barrett Lake

Barrett Lake is a beautiful little mountain lake with a small rustic cabin on the shores. There are opportunities for Quading, hiking, fishing, and camping. Barrett Lake is at 1800 Meters. Popular in the winter for snowmobiling and ski touring.

Driving Directions: Access to the Barrett Lake is via Porto Rico Road, 15 km south of Nelson off Highway 6. In summer you can drive up 3 km and park there. (Recommended Quad Access Only from this point). From here you take the lower fork in the road up another 3 km (this section of road is deactivated but is passable in a high clearance 4X4) to a junction, take a right here (about 6 KM up in total). From here, follow the really rough and rocky road for another 4.5 Km up to the lake, stay on the main road on the way up. The last 4.5 Km is extremely rough, and heads to the East up the drainage crossing a South facing rocky slope.

Barnard Beach Rec site

This popular recreation site consists of a mix of vehicle campsites (not on the lake) and tent sites (on the lake).

Driving Directions:From the community of Riondel on the east shore of Kootenay Lake, take a right turn on to Eastman Avenue and proceed to Tam O’Shanter Creek. Take the Kootenay Lake East forest service road 9.0 km to the Bernard forest service road junction, then take the left fork for 3.0 km to the site. The road is suitable for 2wd vehicles.


Steed Hut

At 2320 metres, Siwash Mountain is the highest peak in the Bonnington Range, and the Steed Cabin, a snug wood cabin built by the KMC in 1995, lies due south of the summit of Siwash Mountain by a small tarn at 2100 metres. A loft in the cabin can sleep four (no foam mattresses), while the downstairs is equipped with table, bench seats and a wood stove. Basic cooking utensils (pots, pans, cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, etc.) are stored in a plastic bin. There is also a two burner white gas Coleman Stove and Coleman Lantern (take spare mantels). You will need to bring your own white gas for the stove and lantern. There is NO water at the Steed Cabin in either summer or winter. The area around the Steed Cabin is popular with snowmobilers, so expect to see snowmobilers when you are staying at the cabin.The cabin is maintained under partnership agreement with Kootenay Mountaineering Club. For detailed information and driving directions please visit:

Driving Directions: In winter, it takes two days to reach the cabin via the Bonnington Traverse route. In the summer, a four wheel drive vehicle is not necessary. It is possible to drive to the head of Glade Creek, from here, it is between one and three hours of bushwhacking (thick bush with many black and grizzly bears in the area) to reach the cabin. Follow the following driving directions for summer access. Set your odometer to 0 on Highway 3 at Bombi Summit. 0 km = Munson Road and Highway 3, 2.6 km = powerline spur to (R) 3.7 km = Lower Munson to (L), stay (R), 3.9 km = West Munson to (L), stay (R), 5.4 km = East Munson to (R), stay (L), 6.3 km = spur to R, stay on mainline, 6.4 km = spur to (R) is Grassy access, 10.8 km = small pass, road enters from behind and (L), stay straight down the hill, 11.0 km = road forks, go (R) to stay on Munson Road, (L) fork is North Munson, 15.1 km = pass below Twin Peaks, 18.9 km = fork in road, go (L), 22.6 km, = park here and walk the rest of the way.

( source: rec sites and trails )

Mt Buchanan Fire Lookout

This is a high elevation day-use site which is located at an refurbished fire lookout building. This is a great spot for family oriented outings; views are spectacular and flowers are lovely in season. There is also a 2 km loop trail below the lookout that provides access to viewpoints on the rock bluffs. Interpretive displays on fire lookouts in the tower.

Mountain Bike trails start from here ( AKA The Monster )

Driving Directions: From Kaslo, head west on highway #31A for 11 km to the Blue Ridge Forest Services Road, then follow signs. Follow the main road for 11.9 km to the lookout, staying right at the 7.0 km junction. This road is suitable for 2wd vehicles.

(source: rec sites and trails )

Crusader Cabin Rec Site

This site offers an excellent snowmobiling in the winter. The cabin sleeps 6 comfortably . The Crusader is managed under partnership agreement by the Nelson Sno-Goers and bookings can be made by going to There is a $10 fee per person for overnight use of the cabin. The Fees collected will go directly back into the cabin for maintenance and up-keep.

Driving Directions:Travel north from Nelson on highway #3A for 8.0 km to Six Mile Lakes Road (left hand turn off hwy). Follow Six Miles Lakes main road for 10.0 km to a fork in the road, take the right fork. At 13Km you will find the lakes and the Six Mile Lakes Recreation Site. At 18.5 KM you will reach a major junction in the road, proceed straight; the sharp left will take you down lemon Creek FSR). Stay on the main line until 26.5 Km Reach a junction, where you take the left fork. At 29.5 Km there is a junction, from here there is off road snowmobile trails that lead to the cabin. Cabin GPS Coordinate is 49�46.203 X 117�19.893.