Mosquito Lake Rec Site

This is a perfect lake for exploring in a small boat or canoe. The irregular edge has several quiet little bays accessible only by water. The lake is popular with families as it offers good fishing and swimming. The Mosquito Lake Recreation Site is well located for a base camp to explore the area and visit some of the other lakes nearby. There are 3 campsites.

Driving Directions:Access from Arrow Park Ferry: At the ferry terminus set your odometer. Your odometer readings will not conform to the km signs on the road. From the ferry terminus travel straight ahead on the “Lower Mosquito Road”. Continue up this road for 6 km. Just after crossing the bridge over Arrow Park (Mosquito) Creek, turn right onto the “Branch 20” road. Follow this road for 3 km. At the junction with the “West Mosquito Road” continue straight ahead. Reset your odometer. Travel north on the “West Mosquito Road” for 11.6 km, to the “27 km” road marker and the junction of the “West Mosquito Road” with the “Caribou Pass Road” and the “Fostall Road”. Reset your odometer. Continue straight ahead on the “Fostall Road” for 8.9 km. Between the “19 km” and “20 km” road markers, at the junction with “Plant Road”, turn left. Travel 800 meters to the recreation site.

( source: rec sites and trails )