Erie Creek Rec Site

The Erie Creek Recreation Site is one of the few recreation sites large enough to accommodate groups of 3 or 4 vehicles. The sites are in a semi-open forest, offering shade in the hottest part of the day. Located beside crystal clear Erie Creek

Driving Directions:From the junction of Highway 3B and 3/6 in Salmo, travel 3.6 km west towards Trail, on Highway 3. Just before a small bridge over Erie Creek, turn right onto the “Second Relief Road”. This road is paved for the first 200 meters, then turns into a good 2 wheel drive gravel road. Within 1 km you will see the “Erie Creek Forest Service Road” sign. Continue up this road. The road forks at 7 km, stay straight ahead (to the left). The road forks again at 8.5 km, again stay left, descending into the valley. Cross over the bridge, at 10 km. The recreation site is on your right.

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Fletcher Lake Rec Site

This is a steep rustic trail into an alpine lake area. The trail starts on a skid road in a cutblock, and winds its way through dense sub-alpine forest and creekside vegetation to the east end of the lake. The area is heavily used by grizzly bears and site users should take care to make noise when hiking. Hike in groups, and store food out of bear-reach and well away from campsites. The site provides good backcountry camping and fishing. Please pack “ALL” your garbage out with you so bears are not attracted to the area.

Driving Directions:From Balfour, drive 23.0 KM along highway 31 towards Kaslo, and turn left onto a dirt road (4.2 KM north of the Woodbury Creek Resort). Zero your odometer at the start of the Woodbury-Fletcher FSR. At 1.1 KM (the crest of the hill) turn right on to Fletcher Creek Road. At 2.8 KM take the left fork. At 3.7 KM bear right. At 7.3 Km stay left. At 11.5 go right and begin to drive though recent logging. Road is very rough from here (high clearance 4×4) with deep water bars. At 12.5 KM park at the old logging landing. From here walk a few hundred feet along an old de-activated road to find the trail head going off up to the left.

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Garland Bay Rec Site

This is an enhanced site and has a $12 per night charge. Garland Bay is a large open beach site on the east shore of Kootenay Lake. This site receives very heavy use during the summer season. Very popular area for swimming, camping, fishing and boating. 22 campsites.

Driving Directions: From the community of Riondel on the east shore of Kootenay Lake, take a right turn on to Eastman Avenue and proceed to Tam O’Shanter Creek. Take the Kootenay Lake East forest service road 9.0 km to the Bernard forest service road junction, then take the left fork for 4.0 km to the site. The road is suitable for 2wd vehicles.

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Grizzly Creek Rec Site

Grizzly Creek recreation site is an ideal base camp for explorations up Koch, Greasybill and Grizzly Creeks. This site would make a good rest stop before exploring the rough 4 wheel drive road that goes over the height of land and down to Lower Arrow Lake near Fauquier. The two campsites are scenically situated on rock ledges adjacent to Koch Creek. On a hot summer day the pools below the rock ledges are most inviting. Stream fishing above the bridge rewards the patient angler with brook trout. The surrounding area offers good huckleberry picking and mushroom gathering.

Driving Directions:On Highway 6, near Passmore, look for the Provincial Park signs for “(Valhalla) Drinnon Pass Turn-off”. Following these signs turn left onto “Upper Passmore Road”. The first 3 km of this road are paved. At 3.7 km fork left onto the “Little Slocan Forest Service Road”, a good 2 wheel drive gravel road. Continue on this road following the “Valhalla” signs. At 5.2 km fork right. At 6 km you will cross Airy Creek. At 9 km fork right. At 12.7 km you will cross Koch Creek. At 13.2 km, stop following the “Valhalla” signs and turn left onto the “Koch Creek Forest Service Road”. Travel up Koch Creek for 9.2 km. Turn left, over a major bridge crossing to the other side of Koch Creek. The Grizzly Creek Recreation Site is on your left.

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Huckleberry Hut

Huckleberry Hut is a cosy log cabin situated at around 1600 metres in the valley below Midday and Cabin Peaks. It is a small hut with two bunks (no foam mattresses) which will each sleep two. There is also a fold-down table, wood stove and outhouse, and basic cooking utensils (pots, pans, cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, etc.) There is a two burner white gas Coleman Stove and Coleman Lantern, bring spare mantels and white gas. The cabin is maintained under partnership agreement with Kootenay Mountaineering Club. For detailed information and driving directions please visit:

Driving Directions: Access to the Huckleberry Hut is via Porto Rico Road, 15 km south of Nelson off Highway 6. In summer, with a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle you can drive for six kilometres to a junction where an old road leads off to the left. Park here, and walk the remaining two kilometres to the cabin. In winter a combination of snowmobiles and ski touring gear may be required. The cabin is maintained under partnership agreement with Kootenay Mountaineering Club. For detailed information and drining directions please visit:

Little Slocan Rec Site

A small, semi-open, lakeside campsite.

Driving Directions:The most popular access to Little Slocan Lakes campsite is from Passmore along Highway 6. As you drive through Passmmore heading north turn left off of the highway onto Passmore Upper Road. Cross the river and follow the road for 3.7 km. Turn left onto the Little Slocan Forest Service Rd.. Stay on the main road for approx 21 km to the recreation site on your right.

Sasquatch Lake Rec Site

Sasquatch Lake Recreation Site offers attractive campsites big enough for group gatherings. The semi-open site is spacious enough for small motor homes and trailers. This site is popular with huckleberry pickers and picnickers. A rock slide along the lake shore gives access to the warm water, making this a popular swimming hole.

Driving Directions:Travelling north on Highway 6 from Appledale, watch for the “Kokanee Glacier Lemon Creek” Provincial Park signs. Just before the bridge over Lemon Creek, follow the signs and turn right onto a good 2 wheel drive gravel road. Follow the “Kokanee Glacier Park” signs on the “Lemon Creek Forest Service Road”. At about 14.5 km turn right onto a dirt road signed “Sasquatch/6 Mile Lakes”. A half kilometre up this road, turn right at the sign to the Sasquatch Lake Recreation Site.

Sunshine Bay Recreation Site

Sunshine Bay has a long history. Two kukuli across the road from the recreation site attest to occupation by First Nations people long before recorded history. The remains of a log cabin on the site is of more recent vintage. Sunshine Bay offers a crescent shaped, south facing beach and protected campsites under a pine stand. Nearby, the mouth of Sunshine Creek promises good fishing. The road past Sunshine Bay offers good hiking. When the water in the Lower Arrow Lake is down, beach combing is a relaxing past time. It is difficult to get a boat down to the water at Sunshine Bay, as the bank drops off abruptly. A flight of stairs goes from the campsite to the beach. A canoe, kayak or inflatable zodiac would be your best bet. The closest good boat launch is at the Renata turn-off, at 18.7 km.

Driving Directions:Just before the yellow gates in Syringa Creek Provincial Park, turn right onto the “Deer Park Forest Service Road”. Follow this narrow, good 2 wheel drive gravel road to the community of Deer Park. In Deer Park, turn right. There is a small “Renata” sign, pointing the way. Within a half kilometre, the road forks. Take the upper fork to the right, continuing along this road. At 18.7 km the road forks again. Left takes you to the lake shore, and the boat launch to Renata. Go right to continue on to Sunshine Bay. From here the road deteriorates, and a high clearance vehicle is recommended. At 25 km you pass through the old fruit growing community of Broadwater. At the junction in Broadwater, take the right fork onto the “Sunshine Creek Forest Service Road”. Continue along this road, staying right at the fork just before the 31 km sign, and passing over the Two Bit Creek bridge. The last 3 km descend steeply to Sunshine Bay Recreation Site at 34 km.

SilverCup Ridge Trail

There are three different access routes to the Silvercup ridge, choose the one you are interested in. Via American Creek Road: From the boulder barricade to the ridge, the trail follows the road through subalpine and alpine terrain. Panoramic views into the Lardeau Range and Goat Range and an abundance of wild flowers enhance the walk up to the ridge. Upon cresting the ridge, there is an intriguing view into Healy Creek and across to Mt. Aldridge and Razors Edge. The Silvercup Trail offers a superb opportunity to enjoy an extended ridge walk through alpine and subalpine terrain. If the entire ridge is walked, it is 25 km from the trail head on American Creek road to the trail head on Dirt Road. There is not a continuous trail along the ridge, it is a combination of clearly defined trail and cairned route. Good footgear, map reading and navigation skills are required. Travelling the ridge in poor weather is not recommended. Via Copper Queen Road: The Copper Queen Road offers road access onto one of the most beautiful ridges in the Arrow and Kootenay Lake Forest Districts. Upon reaching the ridge one has a choice of either following the trail northwest along the ridge to the Dirt Road trail head, or heading southeast to the trail head on American Creek. If you are using the road, it peters out near the timberline on the Dirt Road trail and is blocked by boulders on the American Creek Road. Via the Dirt Road: The first 0.5 km of the trail may be difficult to follow, as it cuts up and back across a harvested area. Silvercup Ridge offers a superb opportunity to enjoy an extended ridge walk through alpine and subalpine terrain. Views into the Badshot Range and across to the Lardeau Range are spectacular. Visitors to this area will wish they had more time to go over the “next ridge” as there are many opportunities for side trips all along Silvercup Ridge.

Driving Directions:Access to American Creek Road : From the bridge over the Lardeau River at Gerrard, proceed north on Hwy #31 for 0.4 km to an unsigned road. Proceed for 4.1 km on this unsigned road to a junction on a curve. Stay straight ahead at this junction, following an older, brushed in road. At km 6.9 take the switch back to the left and up. This section of the road has steep sections with windfalls and is eroding in places. From 8.7 km, to the trail head at 11.9 km, you will require a 4×4 vehicle, or you can shoulder your pack and walk up the road. At 11.9 km, boulders block the road to all vehicular traffic. There is a parking area for about 3 vehicles, with room to turn around. Access to Copper Queen Road: From the bridge over the Lardeau River at Gerrard, proceed north on Hwy #31 for 17.9 km to an unsigned road. Turn right and proceed up this road for 6.2 km. Then, take a small, older road that turns back and up to the right. Follow this old road for 1.9 km to a fork in the road. Take the left fork and continue 0.5 km up to the timberline. From here you will need a 4×4 to go the last 0.7 km to the mining road that runs along the ridge. Although it is possible to drive almost the entire length of Silvercup Ridge on this mining road, please, refrain from leaving the road as the alpine and subalpine meadows are very fragile. The original old trail can be accessed by foot from many places along the mining road. One of the best places is just where the Copper Queen Road meets the road along the ridge. From here the trail is just above the mining road. Access to Dirt Road: From the gas station on Hwy #31 in Trout Lake, proceed south on Hwy #31 for 8.3 km to an unsigned road. Turn back and up onto this road. A high clearance vehicle will be required to negotiate the water bars. Follow this road (driveable for 1.8 km) for 3.2 km to the trail head. The trail head may be hidden by alders. Keep a sharp eye open for a 4×4 brown post with white letters on the uphill side of the road.

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