Mt Brennan – Lyle Ck

Popular in the Summer and Winter for ski touring and heli-skiing.

Summer Full Day: Plan on about 2-3 hours up to the lakes and 5 hrs to summit.

Lyle Creek Trail is a moderate hike to the summit of Mt. Brennan. Small glacial lakes, cascading waterfalls and scenic views are the main attractions of the area. There are also signs of old mining activities in the area. Round trip to Mt. Brennan is 15 KM, Reach the lakes in about half that.

Summer Driving Directions: From the 4 way stop in Kaslo drive highway 3A until you reach approximately 23.3 KM on your odometer and turn north onto Rossiter Creek FSR. Zero Odometer here. Stay on the Rossiter Creek FSR mainline until you reach 2.4 KM and take the left fork. At 7.0 find the trailhead. There are trail markers from the beginning of the Rossiter Creek FSR to the trailhead.

( source: Recreation Sites and Trails BC )

Winter: A very popular ski touring destination. Trail starts at bottom left of photo and traverses into drainage on right to summit on left. Follow directions for summer access and ski tour or snowmobile to start of summer trail and then continue up bench on left which is subject to danger from avalanches sluffing from upper cliffs.  At Lakes climb gully on left which is also subject to avalanche danger from above and then continue traversing right to gain upper bench system. Final short headwall has some more avalanche exposure, get the picture – don’t come here when stability is questionable. Incredible 7,000 ft day with good visibility, often wind affected and typically ascended in the spring.  More photos.

The Ride – S03E02: Giant Peaks, Tiny People from Showtime Films on Vimeo.

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