Ymir Peak & Bowl

Location: Whitewater Ski Area
Time: Half day – Full Day
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3km
Elevation Gain: 1500 feet
Map: 82 F/6
Avalanche Exposure: Complex

A number of options are available to gain access to Ymir Bowl and Ymir Peak. The ridge line from Blasters ridge to the summit is the longest route but the most scenic and safest. Alternatively from the White Queen Pass climbing up the ridge and traversing high under the rocks over steep terrain and gaining the ridge. The ridgetop is called Half Dome and good runs can be made form here into Five Mile. From just below the final climb to Half Dome a traverse can be made into Ymir bowl. Ymir Bowl is not a good place to be unless Avalanche conditions are very stable. Once in the bowl Kututle Pass is an interesting destination or Ymir Peak can be gained from the bench just to the left of the Peak. The route to and from the Peak involves careful manoeuvring on rocks and snow on the steep East slopes of Ymir Peak.

Ymir Bowl From lookers left to right

Five Mile Saddle above the lift, Goat’s Slide, Half Dome, Scob’s Knob ( the treed knob within the bowl ), Kututle Notch, Cookie Cliffs, Kuba Chute, Ymir Peak, Dogs Leg, First Choice, Pencil Chute, West Ymir, and Prospector’s Bowl at the edge of the ski area.