Evening Ridge

Location: 2 Km beforeWhitewater Ski Area at KM 10.5 Parking Area.
Time: Half/Full Day
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 5 km
Elevation Gain: 1700 feet
Map: 82 F/6
Avalanche Exposure: Challenging

Park your vehicle in a small turnout at the big bend about 8 kilometers on the Whitewater Ski Area road. Find the logging road that heads down to Apex creek in an upstream direction. Whitewater has created cross country ski trails in this region and so the ski touring access is a matter of following the trails into the drainage. Easiest to take the right hand side of the creek and take the ridge on the right of the creek and when the road crosses the creek again leave the road and follow the creek directly up through Hummingbird Pass. To access Evening Ridge continue all the way through the pass, just before descending, traverse back left, quickly ascending through open trees to gain the ridge above the Pass. Continue up the ridge as far as you desire, with beautiful views of Ymir Peak and the Kokanne Group. Another reasonable and fast possibility includes climbing up descent line B. The descent route is either down the ascent route, or down various lines on the East face. There are several major avalanche slopes and very steep avalanche prone slopes on this face, and require good navigation skills and good stability assessment. Run C called Whale’s back, generally wind affected on the top and sun affected on the lower slopes unless your timing is right.