Deer Creek Falls Rec Trail

Deer Creek Falls is an easy walk on a good trail. This trail is suitable for all ages and abilities. Along the trail, are some unusually large white pine and Ponderosa pine trees. As the trail descends gently into the creek draw, the temperature drops, making this a good trail for a hot day. The Deer Creek Falls cascade in two tiers through the gorge. The upper fall is narrow and drops into a pool before cascading over the lower fall. The crystal clear pool at the foot of the lower fall invites dabbling. The entire scene is framed by a lush cedar forest. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the table, while you cool off by the falls. In the autumn, look for mushrooms on the lower portions of the trail. At other times of the year, shade loving plants such as Indian Pipe can be found. On your way up the trail, rest on the bench and take in the peace and quiet of the forest. The only sounds you will hear will be the birds in the forest.

Driving Directions:Just before the yellow gates in Syringa Creek Provincial Park, turn right onto the “Deer Park Forest Service Road”. Follow this narrow, good 2 wheel drive gravel road for approximately 13.5 km. Turn right onto the “Deer Creek Forest Service Road”. Follow this road for 3.5 km. Turn off to the left, onto a dirt track. Park at the trailhead.

( source: rec sites and trails )