Nelson is the unofficial tourism capital of the West Kootenay’s. Why? It has the best of everything –

mountain biking, backcountry skiing, whitewater ski hill, golf, cafe’s and restaurants, repair shops and eclectic shops, box stores and supermarkets, people and people watching, B&B’s and Hotels.

It’s all there and everything is within 30 minutes. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Nelson is also just 3 hours from Spokane, WA connecting to the rest of the world for access to this playground.

In the 1980’s Nelson was in a depression with the Lumber Mill shut down and forestry in decline there were no jobs and people were leaving town. At the turn of this Century people were buying vacation homes in Nelson, condos were being constructed, dot-com millionaires were setting up residence and all this after the marijuana export business crashed too.

Welcome to Nelson. You just may never leave.